Vida de la Ciudad: Escazu & San Jose #CostaRica

Costa Rica part dos, time to hit the streets of the city. We choose not to stay at a "touristy" area of Costa Rica because we wanted to really experience the culture and lifestyle of the locals. Our hotel was located in the old town of Escazu, which is about 10 minutes away from the large city of San Jose. Escazu consisted of little one story houses, huts, and small businesses aligned on winding hills. It is very quiet except for the occasional reeve of a motor cycle.  It was peaceful and meaningful to see how people can live with so little and be so happy. In general, the Costa Rican people are very sweet and laid back. They do not understand the meaning of "stress" haha, they are always calm & collected.

San Jose, Costa Rica's capital, is their largest city which is our version of NYC. Noisy streets, lots of people, and traffic- but their were a few differences compared to our city. People are not in such a rush, even though it is busy no one is pushing you out of the way or running to catch a taxi. Costa Rican's enjoy to be outside, so many families and couples are simply strolling the city for fun. There are a lot of festivals in San Jose (and awesome shopping markets) that bring the locals together. I ALMOST felt like I was in NY at one point, and then saw a man walking his pet chicken, and it made me laugh… only in Costa Rica.

One of the most amazing times everyday is sunset. Watching that view over the mountains, and seeing the light over the city is incomparable.    

Floral Dress: Forever 21 | Nude Flats: Target | Sunnies: Versace | Handbag: Sienna Ray
Jewelry: Left bangle & pointer ring Freida Rothman 
Arrow Pendant: (gift from India) & Cuff (gift from Egypt) 

One more Costa Rican adventure coming up, stay tuned! 
Pictures by my boyfriend Lukas