Rooftop Rendezvous: STK

STK ROOFTOP, 26 Little West 12th Street NYC 

Want to know what I've been up to? This blog is NOT just about cute outfits and style tips posing for a camera. I want to show you everything that's currently trending, and give you my upfront honest opinion. I've decided to take on a pretty ambitious feat this summer (also extremely fun & chic): visit and review every "trending" rooftop in New York City with a group of amazing/powerful gals. I call it my "Ladies Night Out", which has now crossed over into summertime "Rooftop Rendezvous". So far I visited the Kimberly, STK, and Mad 46 with a lot more on the way. 

As you already know, I am quite picky, so there are some serious criteria that have to be met before I come to review the rooftop. 

1. It has to be note-worthy (if you don't have social media I can't vibe with you) 
2. It has to have ample outdoor space with a killer view of NYC 
3. There has to be a chic "upscale" crowd that's on-brand for this blog
4. HAVE to have some cool music or special events 

Now that I explained what's happening this summer on the NYC end- let's get down to business and chat STK. I really do love this rooftop because of the vibe and music. THEY ALWAYS HAVE AWESOME MUSIC. A lot of people say it's over-rated, I say it's not. I love the roof and the view from every angle. If you know what to order from the menu, then you will have a fab cocktail and sip while doing the shoulder lean to some remixed MJ all night long. We ALL KNOW that STK gets packed, it's one of the "coolest" places to be, so if you are planning on going with a large group make a ressy ahead of time. If you are going for happy hour then try to get there early to snag a table. The waiters are cute and very friendly, but like I's crowded so if you are on a time schedule then this is not the place to go. This is the place to be when you can spend at least 2-4 hours hanging out. 

Now that they are open and taking reservations, what are you waiting for? Birthday, ladies night out, bachelorette party, after work drinks, client dinners... you name it! It has passed the Blazers & Bellinis check with a special stamp of approval in my book. I will always love this place. 

If you decide to go check it out, shoot me a tweet and let me know how your experience went ;)