UpLift Your Life #TotalBeauty

Location: UpLift Studios, 24 W 23rd St, New York NY 

First of all, let me start by saying how amazing UpLift Studios is. I really love the fact that is this an ALL WOMEN'S gym, promoting women empowerment and fitness. The classes are extremely high pace, yet so motivational. UpLift gym instructors and trainers can give you the one-on-one personal attention in a comfortable "no judgement" zone type of environment. It's hard for me to feel comfortable in some of the larger NYC gyms because I feel like I am being watched or "judged" or getting hit on in a weird way. Going to the gym is really not my jam, I usually workout at home but this gym gave me a whole new perspective. 

I had the opportunity to attend a killer (and you will see why I say "killer") event hosted by Total Beauty last week after work. I got to experience one of UpLift's "Sculpt Fusion" classes up close and personal. That was a KILLER total body workout, packed into an efficient 30 minutes. The instructor was so inspiring and motivational, she really kept the energy pumping throughout the class. Sculpt Fusion was a mix of yoga, core training, weights, and resistance work. 

I also got to meet beauty and skin guru Dr Bowe, who was literally "glowing" without a stitch of makeup on. (Like is this real life?! Who looks that good while working out?) She was so humble and down to earth while giving fabulous advice and skin tips. Dr Bowe reiterated something we ALL know but sometimes choose not to forget. What we eat and our physical condition 100% effects our skin and breakouts. Stress is also a very big factor. Dr Bowe spoke about some great products to help with breakouts like ACZONE, which is a perscription gel topical treatment. This product is so fab because it doesn't contain benzoyl peroxide, which really drys out my skin. 

After that intense workout I enjoyed some wine and snacks... all workouts should be directly followed by Chardonay and cheese! haha Overall, it was a great and UPLIFTING evening. My favorite part about blogging is getting to attend these events and meet some amazing people along the way. 

Def going back to UpLift to get my workout on! Who's with me?