Old Navy Fall Preview #OLDNAVYSTYLE

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Old Navy's Fall 2016 Collection Preview in Manhattan.  I have ALWAYS been a fan of Old Navy clothing. Comfortable, casual, classic American styles that are easy to wear and appeal to every body shape (& friendly on the wallet).  Did I mention that Old Navy sure knows how to throw a party?! Their previews are always a blast with the best music, cocktails, unique presentation style of collections and fun fashionable stations to entertain bloggers and editors.

There was a very talented sketch artist drawing fashion figure portraits, a "make your own tote" custom printing station, and of course a great bar severing up some hot summer cocktails.  I was clearly a big fan of the Chi-sangria served in mason jars. (so yumm) It was wonderful to see all of my fellow blogger babes and catch up on all of the amazing projects everyone has going on. 

I know what your thinking... "how is she talking about Fall when we just started summer?". Girlfriend, we are always a season in advance, I know it sounds funny but it's second nature to us when working in the fashion industry. In my head (which is a wild place to be), I am already digitally designing two seasons forward at all times. Look at it from our perspective: we have to create the "trend" or collection idea, actually produce and make the pieces (which takes at least 3-6 months), and market it to the media. There is so much that goes into it behind the scenes. Then it goes into stores and you officially can purchase the clothing/accessories in Fall. 

Now let's get down to business and chat CLOTHING & TRENDS for Fall 2016. 
I absolutely loved Old Navy's Fall 2016 color palette which consisted of navy blue, ruby reds, burgundy, dark gray, and mustard. I would describe the collection as a "Rugby Chic Indian Tribal" look. I am a big fan of miss-matching and mixing prints, there was a TON of plaid and rugby stripes. I also really related to the tribal additions and large oversized knit kimonos (so my style). There was one mustard colored long tunic that I just could not take my eyes off of! In terms of accessories, its ALL ABOUT THE MINI CROSS BODY. Usually when you think of Fall you typically think large oversized bags. (nope! not this year) As we watched on the runway, it is going to get smaller and smaller. Mini cross-bodies in prints, stripes, and neutral colors are GOLDEN for Fall 2016. 
Another trend I saw at old navy was mixing feminine with a little edge. For example, a lacey dress layered with a large chunky knit and a baseball cap with cowboy boots. Boom, Done, OVA! 

I don't want to rush this wonderful summer but I am eagerly awaiting Fall to wear all of these gorgeous new styles! What are you favs?