Pearly Whites

Doctors Anthony Vocaturo & Donald Lapine

The cat is officially out of the bag, have you noticed me smiling a little wider (and brighter) the past few days? I visited NJ Cosmetic & Wellness Center in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ last week with my blogger babes for a very special consultation and whitening procedure with Dr. Lapine (who is SUCH a doll!). This is a very personal post for me,  I wanted to share my experience and hopefully inspire a few others. 

I have been extremely insecure about my smile for a while now. I really hate going to the dentist, and have been told a few times I need braces. I feel that I am too old for them now, and it's just not an option for me at this point in my life. Dr. Lapine was so helpful breaking down my options on the cosmetic side of things (veneers), to improve my smile and confidence. I also recently made a few MAJOR life changes including: quitting smoking, not drinking soda and totally changing my eating habits. I noticed my teeth were not as white as they used to be, and those "at home" treatments are really not even good for your teeth and strip away the good stuff. 

When I was invited to the center to try the "ZOOM" laser whitening procedure, I must admit I was a little nervous at first. My initial questions were: does it hurt? how long does it take? does it actually work? I wanted to share ALL the details about this treatment because it was amazing. To answer the most important questions (and what I get asked the most), this treatment does not hurt AT ALL.  Dr Lapine applied a hydrogen peroxide gel on my teeth and a little lip stretcher, also some protective rubbery peel on my gums. Don't I look glamorous haha! 

Next we did 4 1/2 fifteen minutes sessions of the whitening laser machine on my teeth. I felt nothing, it did not hurt at all, I was even taking selfies during the treatment. After the laser the nurse peeled the rubber off my gums, I rinsed and then checked out my new pearly whites. I really did notice a big difference in my smile. 

I would absolutely recommend the ZOOM whitening treatment and all my New Jersey based fashionistas you have to check out the NJ Cosmetic & Wellness Center, it will be well-worth it.
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Did I mention this is a dentist + family owned wellness center? After my treatment I was escorted up to the 3rd floor to a mini sanctuary spa with my blogger babes. I had a FABULOUS body massage and it was definitely a day of pampering. This makes a trip to the dentist that much better when you get a facial or massage right after? Now that's what I call full service! 

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