Bringing Back the Backpack

Backpack: Serena by Sunita Mukhi | Denim Blouse: ZARA | Dress & Sandals: Forever 21  
Aviators: Dolce & Gabbana | Leather Watch: Michael Kors | 36" Necklace & Rings: Freida Rothman 

I am ALL about "bringing the backpack back"… I literally haven't worn one of these bad boys in SO long. Whether you are headed back to school, hitting the beach, going to the gym, running through the airport or traveling abroad this bag is the perfect accessory. Handbag designer Sunita Mukhi is known for her use of the "evil eye" which is a symbol meaning protection. Basically to reflect off evil and shield against bad luck or misfourtune. I think we can all use a little evil eye protection in our lives! 

I wore this Serena by Sunita Mukhi croc pattern patten leather pack with a hand beaded & embellished evil eye on the top flap to brunch today. It fit all my essentials, and I still had room to store my camera and lenses (perfect fit!).  The black and white sheer double side slitted dress is by Forever 21 + and I dressed it down with a denim blouse from ZARA.  My white leather band watch is by Michael Kors, Rings & 36" necklace by Freida Rothman, and these mixed metal aviators sunglasses are by Dolce & Gabbana (best accessory investment I made this summer). 

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