Gloriously Gaudy

Dress: TJ Maxx | Wedges: ALDO | Bag: Vintage find | Enamel Bangles + Rings: Freida Rothman

Someone recently asked me to describe my style in a few words. I realized it was actually really hard for me to box myself into a few words in a sentence. My style is bold, over the top, boho, retro, glamour, and classic all in one wacky closet. I change my style everyday. Sometimes I wake up and want to be a minimalist, other days I want to be bright and colorful with miss-matched prints and wild accessories.  To sum it all up, I like to reinvent my look from day to day. I can not and will not be boxed into one category. The whole point of fashion is to be FUN, take some risks and express yourself. If you do not like what I'm wearing thats OK, but don't knock it until you try it on.