Relax & Recharge #AireAncientBaths

Aire Ancient Baths New York | 88 Franklin Street, TriBeca NYC

Last week I had the opportunity to try out a night session at the Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca. I have heard SO MUCH about this bath house and spa, so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I can honestly say, it was a great experience, not like other bath houses I have been to in New York, and I will definitely be back. It's located in downtown Tribeca on Franklin street, basically easy access for an after work session. When I first arrived at the check in, it was already a peaceful scene with gorgeous high ceilings and dozens of candles everywhere. An employee escorted me to the private women's locker room where I received a bracelet built in lock to put my things away and grab my robe, wet slippers (which everyone is required to wear during the session), and put on my bathing suit. Everyone is required to wear a bathing suit (they do have private changing stalls for privacy if your more comfortable that way), and your cell phone has to remain in the locker room. 
2 hours without your phone does the mind and body good!

Then I was taken through a door and down a glass staircase to an underground oasis of heaven. I literally felt like I was standing in an ancient Roman bathing banquet.  Your "session" is two hours, so you can try each one of the special pools and steam room to your liking. The sessions are also co-ed and NOT crowded, the Aire team only books a select amount of people per session to ensure tranquility and bliss. During my session there was only about 15 people in the entire bath house. I went by myself to spend some time de-stressing and recharging for the week. I did notice a lot of mother/daughter duos, a group of men who came after work, and a few couples enjoying a romantic evening. There is enough space and different pools to be by yourself if you please. 

The thermal experience includes several water pools such as an ice pool (50F0, cold water pool (57F), warm pool (97F), hot pool (102F), salt pool (same salt density as the dead sea), the propeller-jet bath, and my FAVORITE, the aromatherapy steam room. I know this might seem silly, but alternating between the cold and warm pools are great for your circulation. Sitting in the jet pool actually felt like I was getting a massage. I really loved the aromatherapy steam room because it cleared up my sinuses, and I felt all of the toxins melting away. After my session I took a quick shower (they also have blow dryers and extra tools/hair products), and I felt like a brand new woman! 

I would love to go back to this spa with my girls for a day of relaxation or with my hunnie for a romantic evening. Prices range from $75-$110 depending upon what time/day you are reserving. They also offer different types of massages and rituals. 

This is a must try!! Book your reservations today:
This will def help you get through the week ;)